Who We Are
Dante's is a LOCALLY owned and operated self serve frozen yogurt bar committed to offering the THE BEST PRODUCT available.  We change our flavors regularly to offer our customers VARIETY and ever changing options to choose from, making each experience a new one. With a seemingly endless choice of toppings, you are sure to find a combination to delight your taste buds.
Our Goal
Dante's goal is to provide the best product we can, always listen to YOU the customer, adapt to YOUR tastes, and continually innovate....Whoever said “Conformity is good”...never dared to be DIFFERENT!  Come taste the difference...
Why Dante's

Dante’s Frozen Yogurt Bar was established on the principle that eating HEALTHY shouldn’t mean something boring for your taste buds. Like most everyone, we too love Fro-Yo, but weren’t always happy with what we found. Dante’s wanted something SMOOTH, CREAMY, FULL OF FLAVOR and customizable to our tastes. We believe that not every Fro-Yo bar is the same and we feel Dante’s will give you that EXTRA SOMETHING SPECIAL that revitalizes your taste buds, without compromising your HEALTHY lifestyle, and put a lasting SMILE on your face :)

Dante (pictured above) - Is the inspiration of our Company name and logo, and is the spirit of our business! Dante is a lovable cat who found his way to our home in Boston after being abandoned at 6 months old. We brought him in, and from that day forward he has brought joy to us and all those who meet him. We would have to say he is one cool cat...wouldn’t you agree??